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Kutná Hora

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Accommodation in the historical centre of Kutná Hora

Hotel “U Vlašského dvora” and hotel Garni “Na Havlíčku” are situated in the centre of Kutná Hora close to the main square. They are located on a side street leading from the square to the Italian Court, a former royal mint and one of the local landmarks and popular tourist destinations. Guests can enjoy a beautiful view of church towers and sights from both hotels. Thanks to the stylish and comfortable interior of the hotels and their position in the centre of the town, they are an ideal choice both for business clientele and clients coming to Kutná Hora for sightseeing or relaxation.

The unique atmosphere of this ancient town attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. The most popular local landmarks include the Italian Court, St. Barbara´s Gothic Church and the unique Sedlec Ossuary. The historical centre of Kutná Hora is a town conservation area, which is on the list of the world cultural heritage UNESCO. Kutná Hora is also thanks to its ideal location a good starting point for trips to Prague and nearby surroundings.

We are glad that you have chosen one of our hotels and believe that you will enjoy your stay here.